We are a sourcing company on a mission to make procuring products overseas a simple and straightforward experience. Our bilingual tean based in China and US team does the heavy lifting in setting up your Asia supply chain so you can focus on things which matter.

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Our team

Dmitry Kadobnov

Head of USA

Michael Rizhakov

Head of Asia

12 years in logistics

Fluent in Mandarin

15 years in sourcing

Fluent in Mandarin

MBA in China

Our team has been sourcing and doing logistics for 15 years in China. We are a multicultural team who speaks your supplier’s language be it Mandarin, Portuguese or Russian and have offices in Orlando, Florida and Foshan, China to provide a direct link between you and your supplier.

Supplier verification

Not sure you can trust your overseas supplier?

Verify your supplier before you order!

Get transparent information on your supplier:

Factory or a trading company?

Company size, capital invested, company history

Red flag identification

Trademarks, patents, certificates and licenses issued in the name of the company

Anonymous phone verification

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Full sourcing service

Need to supercharge your product sourcing efforts?

Our China-based sourcing team can take out the headache from your product work.

Our full sourcing service covers all product, quality and shipping bases:

Supplier research

Supplier verification

Supplier negotiation by our China-based team in Mandarin

Shipping arrangements

Production and shipping follow-up

Product inspection

Full customer support both in US and China

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Feel free to get in touch with our US or China office to discuss your sourcing needs

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Sourcing services

We provide a set of tools which allows you to evaluate and engage with suppliers in a efficient manner

Supplier research

Looking for a great overseas supplier?

Not sure how to separate good factories from fly-by-night operations?

Our China-based sourcing team can provide you a short-list of reliable suppliers with great prices

Get a full custom-made report in up to 5 working days:

A list of pre-vetted suppliers

Supplier names and contacts

Product quotations

Verified supplier information

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Inspection service

Need your eyes on the factory floor?

Check your product before you ship!

Get an inspector to your supplier’s factory within 48 hours anywhere in China.

We provide inspections in accordance with international quality standards to make sure that your product meets quality requirements

Product inspection ISO 2959-1 and ANSI/ASQ Z1.4-2003 standards

Pre-shippment quality inspection

Container loading inspection

Pre-production or during-production inspection

Factory audit

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